The Environment - How We Do Our Job Affects The World

Maintaining a clean, healthy working environment for you and your company is a primary concern for Commercial Cooling Service. But there's another environment that concerns us, too. That's the environment of our world.

Depletion of the Earth's ozone layer is not new. Scientists have been telling us for years that the ozone layer, a relatively thin part of the upper atmosphere of the Earth, is very important to the well being of humans, animals, plants and ocean life.

The ozone layer filters out damaging ultraviolet rays that can cause damage to the eyes, skin cancer and a variety of other health problems.

Population growth of more than 3 Billion since the 1950s and energy requirments needed to sustain this growth has made us realize the effects of global warming.

By incorporating simple system enhancements such as programmable thermostats, energy management systems and maintenance can help us reduce energy.

CFCs and The Ozone Layer

Chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, have been shown to have a devastating effect on the Earth's ozone layer. They are currently used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems because they are an inexpensive, efficient and nontoxic means of cooling.

Because CFC's are stable, though, they remain in the atmosphere for more than a century and slowly eat away at ozone. In the next few years, the production of CFCs (like Freon, for example) will be phased out. The refrigeration and air conditioning equipment currently using CFCs in America is valued at more than 135 billion. Clearly all of that equipment can't be replaced at one time.

Recover & Recycle

That's why our service personnel are all trained and certified to recover and recycle CFCs. And we are proud to say that Commercial Cooling Service was among the very first companies in our industry to require certification for all service people - well in advance of government regulations.

As a part of our ongoing training, we've learned how to modify older systems to take advantage of one of the safer refrigerants - and still provide you with excellent service.

The Environment Matters To Us

When you look at the importance of refrigeration and air conditioning, it becomes clear that we simply can't live without it. That's why I'm proud to be a part of a company that takes the use of CFCs and newer, safer refrigerants so seriously.

It's not enough for C.C.S to provide your employees with a comfortable, healthy working environment. We want to be certain that our world's environment is in good shape for generations to come.

It's that kind of concern that lets us know that Commercial Cooling Service really is doing it better than anybody else.